artists in motion


artists in motion is a 21st century media company positioned to take advantage of the myriad opportunities thrown up by the brave new digital world. We emphasise quality, integrity, efficiency, flexibility and a global perspective.

Artists in motion was founded in 2010 by two industry veterans, one Brit and one Yank, with 40 years of experience between them who first met whilst working together at the Discovery Channel in London.

We develop, produce and source financing for programmes in all media for the global markets and we have a new business model appropriate for these challenging financial times that distinguishes us from other conventional production companies. By sourcing the financing for each given programme, artists in motion is able to retain 100% ownership of the IP in the programmes we create. We are quick, nimble, experienced and non-bureaucratic and, as we operate on a minimal overhead, we are able to put all of the financing we source for our programmes into the production of the programmes, helping in each case to realise the best programme possible on the most modest budget possible. Each programme is produced by artists in motion and a production crew we assemble on a programme by programme basis and as staunch believers in meritocracy and rewarding talent and hard work, members of the production crew are eligible to share in a revenue participation for the programme they help create.

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